05 Sep, 2023
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Why Choose Wood Veneers for your Interiors?

Designing your dream home? Planning to renovate your home? Veneers are an ideal solution to change the interior of your home. Whether contemporary or classic, it will provide your home with a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Veneers give your furniture and cabinets a smooth finishing touch.

Exotic wooden veneers are truly sensational and provide a magnificent appeal to your space. At Varna Group, we have a good variety of Wooden veneers with desirable texture, polished undergone cut, and matching techniques so that the one who uses can achieve the desired effects, whether contemporary, striking, classic, or subtle.

Searching for wooden veneers that provide you with durability, last you a lifetime, and are a true value for money? Look no further. Varna Group, the best wood veneer supplier is an excellent choice

There are numerous reasons why you should incorporate wood coating into the interior design of your home.

To get you started regarding types of wood veneers, here are a few advantages.

Different look and feel

The look and feel of the sheets are totally different once they are derived from numerous forms of trees. If you want to add warmth and character to a room, try incorporating a wood facade into the decor. You can use it to create a range of styles ranging from traditional to modern. This gives a classic elegance and natural charm to your design.

This means that a teak veneer springs from a teak wood tree and the specialty of the sheet will also have the look and color it provides, together with the grains and the patterns.

Wide Range of Options

Wood veneer sheets come in a variety of colors and features. You may even personalize it to match the style and color palette of your home to ensure that it blends in perfectly. They can be used in numerous ways to give your area a warm appearance. Try using wood coating sheets in various applications like furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and wall paneling.

Wood Veneer Is Highly Durable

Wood veneer is not only aesthetically beautiful but also extremely resistant and long-lasting. The fact that wood coating sheets are created from thin sheets of wood that are glued together contributes to their longevity. This reduces the likelihood of warping, cracking, or splitting.


Because it has a lower carbon footmark than real wood, the wood coating is the ideal result for achieving the exact look without harming the terrain. One of the major causes of deforestation is the sourcing and mining of wood. NGOs prompt buyers to use further environmentally friendly choices, similar to wood veneer, to help save the terrain

Value for Money Investment

The wood coating is generally less valuable than real wood, making it a provident choice for numerous homeowners. Because wood veneer is a more stable material than normal wood, it’s less prone to underpinning, fracture, or split, thereby helping to save your expenses on future repairs and replacements. The price of wood may vary according to the type of wood and the quality of the veneer.

Some of the leading veneer types are:

Smoked Veneers – These are made by fumigating the natural veneers and changing the color from hazelnut to deep chocolate color

Dyed Veneers – Dyed veneers are a result of the process of bleaching and coloring of natural veneers. In this process, the veneers are dyed thoroughly throughout their thickness.

Natural Veneers – Natural wood veneers are made from tree trunks by a process called slicing. All the wood species in the world have different grains and colors.

Recon Veneers – Reconstituted veneers are veneers that are acquired from slicing logs, dyeing, laminating, and then re-slicing the blocks before obtaining the desired colors and patterns

Teak Veneers – Teak veneer is typically golden honey brown to a deep color. This is considered one of the most long-lasting surface materials which is resistant to all weather conditions


There are many advantages of using the veneers to design your space. You can use veneers in many ways to decorate the interior of your home. The veneer sheets give your home a warm, rich, and aesthetically pleasing look. However, the one criterion to be checked is their periodic maintenance as they get damaged by regular wear and tear.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website for Wooden Veneers in Thrissur, Kerala and select your designs now!

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