PVC Door Suppliers

PVC Door Dealers & Suppliers

Polyvinyl chloride is known as PVC. PVC is available in both rigid and flexible forms. Most doors in the market now are made from rigid polyvinyl chloride, while some are also made from conventional PVC.

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is another name for rigid polyvinyl chloride. Manufacturers generate uPVC by eliminating two compounds that make PVC flexible: phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) (Bisphenol A). Vinyl is the common name for PVC and uPVC. A PVC door from Varna Group is an economical and low-maintenance option for inside and external spaces. It is a distinct alternative to conventional wood and metal door alternatives. Varna is one of the best PVC Door suppliers and dealers in Kerala. 


Why is PVC Door Useful?

In contrast to natural materials, which require annual sanding, varnishing, and repainting, UPVC is a low-maintenance material. UPVC windows and doors can last for decades without showing any deterioration; the only maintenance required is a soapy water wipe-down to avoid discoloration and remove dirt or dust.


PVC Door Benefits 

PVC doors are widely used in residential and commercial structures across the world. 


Weather & Sound Resistance – Vinyl doors are impervious to moisture and have excellent insulating capabilities to keep your home warm and quiet.

Cost Effective– Purchase PVC doors from Varna at an affordable price.

Easy Maintenance- Doors made of PVC do not rust, warp, or fracture. These do not necessitate the regular upkeep required by wooden or metallic doors.

Resistance to Fire– This type of material is resistant to fire.


Common PVC Door Styles

Only some PVC doors have gained popularity among householders. Functional exterior doors must be strong, sturdy, and weatherproof. PVC entry doors frequently approximate the appearance of wood doors at a reduced cost. Consumers can paint and modify rigid PVC doors to suit their styles and preferences.

There are numerous varieties of exterior doors, such as folding or bi-fold doors, hinged doors, and sliding doors.

PVC interior doors are popular with customers due to their affordability, variety of designs, and moisture resistance. They are, therefore, popular as bathroom doors.

Interior PVC doors are less popular than outside ones, but a wide selection is still available. There are indoor PVC barn doors, paneled doors, French doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, accordion doors, and louvered doors.


PVC Folding Door

Folding PVC doors, often known as accordion doors, are utilised indoors and outdoors. Homeowners install these moisture-resistant inside sliding doors on bathroom closets to create significant access points. Popular patio door solutions include exterior PVC folding doors for indoor/outdoor enjoyment.


PVC Barn Door

PVC barn doors are an alternative to expensive wood barn doors. This door is simple to install due to its lightweight PVC construction and hardware.


PVC Entry Doors

Homeowners favour vinyl entry doors due to their inexpensive cost and low maintenance requirements. In addition, you can paint PVC doors any colour of your choice. 




  1. Are PVC door options customizable?

Yes. Because PVC is a simple and adaptable material, some manufacturers provide customization choices. Additionally, these doors are produced rapidly. Doors made from PVC may have shorter lead times than other materials.

2. Is the PVC door strong?

uPVC doors are stronger and more durable than most other door materials. If you examine a wooden door or frame, you’ll notice that it can distort or even decay when exposed to moisture and frequent variations in temperature and humidity. uPVC doesn’t do this.

3. Is PVC Door durable?

People invest in items that are durable and resistant to the effects of nature. Wooden doors and frames are more costly than the benefits they provide.

There are several cases of timber doors and frames that lack insect resistance. It is not good to bring pricey items home with apprehension. Only some have the financial wherewithal to combat the exorbitant costs of timber doors and frames.

PVC is the most cost-effective material, given the product’s quality, since we manufacture PVC Door Frames domestically.

PVC Door Frame is less expensive than metal, and their texture and quality contribute to their merits. PVC Door Frames are so resilient and inexpensive that even five-star hotels use them.

There is no doubt that PVC door fittings are more durable, inexpensive, and functional than any other available material.