Customised uPVC Doors and Windows

Customised uPVC Doors and Windows

Construction or renovation of a space usually involves tailoring its aesthetics to its functional requirements. Window and door types can define a house’s personality as the furniture and decor. In recent years, uPVC doors and windows have become increasingly popular as they can be customised to fit the space where they will be installed.

Our customised options are designed to meet your specific needs. Window and door sizes can be customised according to your clients’ needs. German technology is used in the manufacture of our uPVC products, which are made to last a lifetime. It is possible to customise profiles in a variety of ways.



You can choose from a range of uPVC casement windows, arch windows, villa windows, combination windows, sliding windows, tilt-and-turn windows, casement doors and slide-and-fold doors. Frames for uPVC doors and windows are available in a range of sizes and configurations.


Window and door colours can be customised to meet your customers’ needs, enhancing the look of their spaces. They can now paint all the interiors with the same colour while the outsides can be painted a different colour. Whether it is an elegant white, a royal black, or an edgy blue, you can choose whatever colour suits your style.

Laminated uPVC Doors & Windows

You can help your customers create the home they’ve always dreamed of with laminate uPVC doors and windows. There are a variety of lamination and texture options available, including Walnut, Golden Oak, Rustic Oak, Mahogany, and simple white.


Depending on the level of thermal efficiency they need, uPVC door and window customers can choose between single, double, or triple-glazed glass units. A toughened glass can increase safety, making their space more secure.


Allowing customers to pick the glass they would like for their doors and windows. It is possible to enhance the aesthetic appeal of windows with tinted or clear glass while enhancing the security of the windows with the help of laminated glass. Additionally, frosted glass can enhance privacy if you so desire.


You can choose from multiple mesh options for creating a safe and mosquito-proof door and window, with stainless steel or fibreglass hardware.

Standard White

It’s a classic for a reason that white uPVC frames are so popular.

In stark contrast to coloured exterior walls or brickwork, a standard white frame can fit just about any home. Since no additional materials have been added to the white uPVC, it is easier to clean than most other materials as well.

You don’t need to look any further than our page for ideas on what you want from your home’s windows and doors. We have a wide range of uPVC doors and windows available via our network, which you can see there.

uPVC Windows With Grill

A grill can enhance both the functionality and security of a space. The use of grills on uPVC doors and windows can enhance the overall aesthetics of the building’s façade, as well as the aesthetics of its windows and doors. As an alternative to traditional installation methods, consider attaching them directly to uPVC window frames.



With our high-quality hardware, uPVC doors and windows are made to last. Installing hinges, smart locks, and handles in your space will enhance its beauty.


1.Can windows and doors be customised in size?

In most cases, custom windows can be made to fit openings of every shape and size and can be made to provide the exact amount of light, ventilation, and viewing experience that a house requires.

2. Do you need permission to change windows and doors?

For changes to a window or door made of a different material from that of the existing one, household planning permission must be obtained. As an example, a timber window has been replaced with a uPVC window. Installation or replacement of windows/doors in your house is covered by an Article 4 Direction.

3.Do UPVC windows devalue property?

The use of UPVC windows could devalue a period home by as much as £12,000 as buyers prefer wooden windows. It will add value to the house and save energy by installing wooden double-glazed windows in a period property.