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Laminates have revolutionized modern-day commercial and domestic interiors with protection from the elements within your properties. Being a finishing layer for plywood, MDF, particleboard, wall panels, floor, and furniture, they are used in many applications. Resistance to wear, tear, scratch, and moisture, makes laminates highly durable. 


Merino Laminates is a globally renowned manufacturer and supplier of laminates which focuses on delivering quality-centric products to customers. At Varna Group of Companies, we have authorized dealerships with Merino Laminates focusing on the distribution of premium quality laminates to the customers to let them enjoy buying from the right place. Being the best laminate dealers in Kerala, we let you buy trusted products from Merino available in a multitude of patterns and colours to suit your requirements and industry trends. 

Why invest in products from Merino?

Decorative laminates have become the major choice for modern-day businesses and domestic uses since they are available in a variety of colours and patterns. Laminate material lays down the surface for a wide range of products and lasts for a long time. These are high impact resistant, moisture resistant, and have anti-wear and tear properties when compared to the other surface materials. 

Wear Resistant

Bring the excellent wear resistance of laminates into action that beats veneers, and use it across many areas of application as you wish. 

Scratch Resistant

A product that has high durability is everyone’s dream. Scratch-resistant laminates keep the glossy texture alive, avoid fading, and encourage colour fastness to help the products have a great life. 

Impact Resistant

Go for the high-impact resistance which adheres to the EN 438 standard guidelines to keep the focus on personal safety and protection.

Stain Resistant

Being non-porous and having efficient cleaning features, these laminates have developed great resistance to stains, marks, and smudges.

Highly Decorative 

The  Laminates come in a plethora of wood grain patterns, designs, colours, and various designs that suit the requirements of the decorator. 

Delaminate Proof

Since laminate is developed under high pressure, there is less chance of them getting delaminated from the substrates.

Types of Marino Laminates You Can Buy from Us

Metal Laminates 

Experience the luxury of lustrous metals and the flexible backing with a wide range of metal laminates. Be secured with fingerprint resistance that retains the visual appeal of your laminates. Give your walls and furniture a touch of luxury that travels beyond the ordinary. 

Wood Laminates 

Get the wood Laminates with wooden textures and patterns in stunning tones to give your structures an organic finish. Let the synchronized laminate remain undistinguished from the original woods with the natural feel of wood laminates. 

High- pressure Laminates

On the High-pressure laminates made with decorative papers, and Kraft papers, impregnated using the versatile features of resins. Buy extremely durable and impact-resistant high-pressure laminates to get smooth and even lamination that keeps the surfaces attractive.

Compact laminates

Merino Laminates also brings a compact laminate product collection which includes the most in-demand wall protection system, the first-ever technology in India. These laminates offer internal wall protection against damage like scratches, water, impact, soiling, colour fading, small burn spots, graffiti, etc. 

Laminated Panels

Enjoy the perfection that laminated meister panels offer you with superior innovation and technology. Processed using high-heat lacquered PU and the various acrylic layers that are UV-treated, these panels are available in high gloss, matte, and post-laminated finishes. Get the best Laminated boards, which lets laminate get pasted on board to reduce labour and effort. 

Performance laminates

Performance laminates offer specialized features to scale the performance and properties of the laminates that help them last longer. These properties can be chemical resistance, fire retardant features, antibacterial properties, and electrostatic dissipative properties. 

Special Laminates

Grab an unbelievable range of special laminates with the expertise and Technology Merino brings you. Explore the numerous possibilities special laminates can present you with the aesthetic touch and functional features they offer. Choose Varna to buy unicolour laminates, metallic laminates, high-gloss laminates, write-on chalkboard laminates, and digital laminates with the signature of Merino. 

Choose Varna to buy decorative Laminates from Merino 

Homes and offices always need premium quality laminates. Decorating the walls, furniture, and kitchen products with laminates gives your interiors exceptional refinement. With the best laminates, you can change the way your entire building looks. 

Being one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of decor laminates, Merino Group focuses on developing quality-centric and moisture-resistant laminates. Since Merino plays a leading role in bringing game-changing innovations in surface solution products, they ensure the design and development of supreme lifestyle products that make the true sense of contemporary lifestyle. 

Get the choicest and most unique laminates to suit all your needs from Varna. At Varna Group, you get high-quality laminates and laminated panels that elevate the appearance of your building. You can buy top-notch products to decorate the structure such as glass, plywood, modular kitchen accessories, hardware, etc. from prominent manufacturers across the globe to cater to all your needs.