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What is the best wood to make furniture? Is rubberwood a better choice? Rubberwood, also known by the commercial term “rubwood,” is produced from the rubber tree woods used to make furniture sets. The premium quality rubwood is light brown and ideal for making furniture sets for your home. The medium-density furniture material is obtained explicitly from the Para rubber tree and has therefore gained popularity as environmentally friendly furniture.

However, is rubberwood the best choice for furniture? It is determined by several factors, including the quality and colour of the rubber tree wood, among others. The light brown colour, wooden texture, and environmental friendliness of rubber furniture make it a great addition. The quality of the wood is what matters, and the Varna Group of Companies sells premium-quality rubwood that lasts longer.

Why Choose Rubwood in Kerala?

Most people think twice when it comes to purchasing rubwood. Whereas rubwood offers a plethora of advantages and includes the following:

  • Durability

The rubwood made from rubber trees comes from the strong and durable maple family. Therefore, rubwoods are known for their durability and are not flexible, contrary to the common misconception regarding rubberwoods. It is resistant to warping and shrinking as well as insect damage and rot. Thus, it becomes an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, as it is weather-resistant.

  • An affordable choice

Are you looking for an economical and attractive material to make furniture? If rubberwood is your perfect choice. As stated, rubberwood is made from rubber trees and is therefore considered a byproduct. For this reason, rubwoods in Kerala are sold at competitive prices, making them the best and most affordable choice for a middle-class family. It is widely available, easy to work with, and relatively inexpensive compared to other hardwoods.

  • Best suited to make furniture

The durability, longevity, and environmental friendliness, among others, contribute to making rubwoods a fine choice when manufacturing furniture sets. Rubberwood is also weather-resistant, making it resistant to warping and shrinkage. The light brown shade of the rubwood makes it suitable for home or office furniture.

  • Stains are well absorbed

Rubwood has a unique feature of absorbing stains, allowing you to customize it later as per your requirements. Additional finishing work will give your furniture a whole new look.


  • Sustainability 

As per the reports of WWF, 10% of trees are cut down to manufacture furniture. This eventually contributes to global warming and others. Whereas, cutting rubber trees makes less difference in the environment, for it can only be burned. As a result, whether they are cut to make furniture or burned, it makes little difference.

Rubwood Furniture for Your Interiors

Rubwood furniture is ideal for your indoor space due to its appealing design, texture, colour, and resistance to shrinkage and cracking. Their unique property of absorbing stains very well makes them the right choice. They are also known for having good scratch resistance and therefore can be used for flooring and manufacturing other interior furniture such as cabinets, window frames, cutting boards, tables, carvings, shelves, chairs, and cutting boards, among others.

Redesign your homes or offices with premium quality rubwood from the top rubwood dealers in Kerala. With the addition of rubwood furniture to your homes, you may take complete advantage of customising them in the future.

Purchase From the Top Rubwood Dealer in Kerala

With the benefits listed above and the ease of working with it, rubwood is an excellent choice for people looking for affordable and attractive furniture. Are you looking for the best rubwood dealers in Kerala? If so, the Varna Group of Companies is the right choice for you. 

Our goal is to provide you with the best products while preserving the traditional methods of Kerala’s rich heritage. Therefore, we ensure that you receive rubwood of premium quality that lasts longer. It is our vast collection of interior hardware, plywood, and glass products that makes us the top dealers in Kerala.