12 Oct, 2023
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Everything you should know about Waterproof Plywood

When you’re building or fixing up your home, picking the right materials is super important for making sure things last and work well. Plywood is one of those materials that are really useful for lots of stuff like furniture and building things. But there’s a special kind called waterproof plywood, and we’re going to talk about what it is, how it’s made,  why it’s so handy and who is the best Plywood dealers and distributors in Kerala.

Waterproof plywood does just what it sounds like – it’s plywood made to stand up to water and stay strong even when it gets wet. They treat it in a special way when they make it, so it can handle being in wet places for a long time without getting damaged. This makes it perfect for places where there’s lots of water or moisture.

How is it made?

Waterproof plywood is put together in a specific way. They take thin pieces of hardwood or softwood and stick them together using special waterproof glue. This glue is super important because it stops water from getting inside the plywood layers.

During the making process, they also add some chemicals that help make the plywood really good at resisting moisture. The most common way to waterproof plywood is by using something called phenolic resin. This stuff makes a super strong and waterproof connection between the wood layers. That’s why it’s often used in boats and for things like outdoor furniture that have to deal with water a lot.

Where Waterproof Plywood Is Used

  • Outdoors: Waterproof plywood is a go-to choice for anything outside because it can handle rain, humidity, and moisture. People use it for making outdoor furniture, building decks, garden sheds, and more.
  • On the Water: There’s a special type of waterproof plywood called marine-grade plywood. It’s designed for boats and ships. It can take a beating from constant water exposure and doesn’t get ruined by mould and fungi.
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens: In places where it’s often wet, like bathrooms and kitchens, waterproof plywood is fantastic for making cabinets, countertops, and other things.
  • Furniture: If you’re worried about spills or dampness, think about using waterproof plywood for furniture. It’s a smart choice for dining tables and chairs in areas where accidents might happen.
  • Construction: Builders use waterproof plywood for important jobs like roofing and wall sheathing, especially in places with lots of rain or humidity.
  • Making Concrete Shapes: Sometimes, waterproof plywood is used to create moulds for concrete structures. Its moisture resistance means it won’t warp or swell while the concrete is drying.

Advantages of Waterproof Plywood

Moisture Champion: The standout feature of waterproof plywood is its remarkable resistance to moisture. Even when it’s soaking wet, it won’t bend, swell, or fall apart. This makes it perfect for places with lots of humidity or where things often get wet.

Protects against Rot and Fungi: Due to its special feature like engineered wood, these plywoods are not suspectable to rot and mould

Built to Last: Waterproof plywood is a superhero due to its super durability. It can take on harsh weather conditions like a champ, which is why it’s the top choice for outdoor projects and anything that deals with water, like boats.

Strong and Reliable: It doesn’t just beat moisture; waterproof plywood also keeps the strength and sturdiness of regular plywood. So, whether it’s in furniture or construction, you can rely on it to stay strong.

Flexible Friend: Waterproof plywood isn’t picky. It’s versatile and can handle all sorts of jobs, from making furniture to being part of big construction projects. It’s like the all-rounder of building materials!

Picking the Perfect Waterproof Plywood

Grade Matters: Waterproof plywood isn’t all the same. It comes in different grades, and some are more waterproof than others. If you’re in a super wet place, like near the sea, go for marine-grade plywood – it’s the waterproof champion.

Thickness Choice: How thick your plywood should be depends on what you’re doing with it. For big jobs like building structures, go for thicker sheets. If it’s for furniture or inside stuff, thinner sheets work just fine.

Trustworthy Brands: Stick with well-known brands when you’re shopping for waterproof plywood. And keep an eye out for certifications that show it meets all the waterproofing rules. That way, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Taking Care of Waterproof Plywood

Even though waterproof plywood is tough against moisture, it’s smart to look after it:

No Puddles: Try not to let water sit on it for too long. If you do, it can still cause problems over time.

Let It Breathe: In places like cabinets or furniture, make sure there’s good airflow. It keeps things fresh and helps the plywood stay in good shape.

Clean and Seal: Every now and then, give it a good clean and maybe add a sealant. This helps it stay strong and last even longer.

The best Plywood Suppliers in Kerala

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When treated right, water proof plywood sheets can last for many years. But how long does watertight plywood last? It depends on what kind of plywood you buy.

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