Tinted Glass

Decorate the Interior and Exterior of Your Building With Tinted Glass

Glass is a great way to enhance the interior and exterior of a building. Their optimal application will always result in something that is more appealing to customers everywhere.

Tinted glasses are produced during the manufacturing process. Certain metallic oxides are incorporated into the composition of the glass, giving it a uniform and translucent hue. The glasses add sophistication and style to the interiors.

Buy tinted glasses in Varna to add a touch of nature to your four-walled structure. At Varna, you can find all the necessary interior design supplies. Shop for tinted glass here and become one of Varna’s most trusted customers.

Purchase Tinted Glass for Interiors Online

Glasses come in a variety of styles, which broadens their application. At Varna, you can get high-end glasses that go together in different ways to make the building look more elegant and beautiful. Tinted glasses are something that is quite popular in modern architecture for wrapping tall structures and dividing office floor plans into boardrooms and cubicles. In this post-pandemic era, the need for glass partitions is being emphasised more than ever because social separation is crucial. 

You’ll love the vibrant new look your building gets with tinted windows. You can find them in a wide range of hues and designs, and they’re put to similar uses in both homes and businesses. Pick the one that works best for your structure, and then order it from Varna Group.

Do Tinted Glasses Suit Your Interiors Better?

The tinted glass begins as a sheet of float glass, to which molten colourants are added. Tinted glass is made by coating float glass with different metal oxides. These glasses offer a variety of shades, including green, blue, bronze, black, grey, and brown, among others. We use tinted glass because it lets in less light while still creating a relaxing atmosphere. Different colours absorb different amounts of solar heat, so the room gets warmer at a lower rate than it would with regular or float glass.

This glass is available in two types, depending on the method of coating; online coating and offline coating. 


  • Online Coating

The online coating is done while the glass is still in the melting process. “Active coating” or “hard coating” is another name for this type of coating. As the glass continues to melt, the coating will fuse perfectly with it.


  • Offline Coating

While “offline coating” is said to occur after the glass has been manufactured, it can also be applied in vacuum chambers at room temperature, which is also referred to as “soft coating” or “passive coating.” Tinted glass that is coated offline won’t last as long as glass that is coated online. 

The beauty of interiors can be multiplied if you use tinted glass. The supply of natural light while providing comfort is what every household wishes to have in its interiors. Tinted glass makes this wish come true. While doing the construction work, make sure to add glass in as many areas as possible because it will make your building look classy and stylish at the same time.

Advantages of Tinted or Coloured Glass in Interior Designs

The additional layer of metal oxide in tinted glass imparts a distinct hue based on the type of metal used. The UV protection and temperature reduction provided by the tinted surfaces allow the room to remain comfortably cool throughout the year. 


Improved security

The use of tempered or tinted glass protects your home or place of business from intruders. Moreover, this glass’ anti-glare feature will make it more difficult to see the interiors.


Energy efficiency

Constructing your home or building using tinted glass is an ideal solution for reducing energy bills. In cold places, tinted glass buildings are perfect, as they are manufactured to absorb the heat and keep the house indoors warm.


Increased privacy

If you like glasses and are concerned about your privacy, you should choose tinted glass. It can be used in places where discretion and privacy are needed, like the workplace.


Protection from sun

Tinted glass is the best choice for protecting your furniture and your health. This type of glass eliminates 99% of ultraviolet rays. thus offering essential protection for families and workers.


Simple to keep up

Cleaning and maintaining glass is necessary. Tinted glass, on the other hand, is very easy to take care of. It is water and scratch-resistant which enables the extensive durability of the glasses.

Why Choose Varna for Your Home Furnishings?

Glass gives a more beautiful appearance to your home and building, with the elegance of nature. At Varna, you can avail of varieties of glass other than tinted glass, which include clear glass, mirror glass, design glass, reflective glass or one-side glass, lacquered glass, plani silk glass, glass bricks, glass pillars, toughened glass, laminated glass, and bulletproof glass.

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