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Sunpack Sheet Wholesalers

Sunpack sheets are a kind of polyethene or polypropylene-based packing material. They are designed to make a product look good and endure a long time while safeguarding it from dust and moisture. Sunpack Sheets are offered in a range of thicknesses and hues to satisfy the requirements of various packaging applications.

Varna, the wholesalers of sunpack sheets, provide you with a variety of sizes and colours of sheets to suit your needs. Purchase from us to acquire high-quality items for your space’s interiors and exteriors.


Get Sunpack Sheets for Your Space

Sunpack sheets are twin-wall plastic sheets that work well as an alternative to poster board or card stock for interior applications. These boards are resistant to oils, water, and solvents, making them appropriate for use outside as well.

These sheets are used in several applications, including packaging for stationery, containers, display panels, and other things. The lightweight and pliability of these sheets make them convenient for both transport and storage. Sunpack sheets are reusable and environmentally friendly, making them the greatest solution for packing.

These sheets are available in both roll and sheet form. Additionally, these sheets come in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, blue, green, grey, and red. Their water resilience makes them a safe bet in Kerala and other areas where heavy rain is common.

What Are the Common Applications of Sunpack Sheets?

Sunpack Sheets provide a cost-effective and reliable way to package a variety of products. The common applications of sunpack sheets are:

  1. No parking boards
  2. Floor guards
  3. Signages
  4. Mounting board
  5. POP displays
  6. Workshop
  7. Outdoor branding
  8. Pole advertisements

Why Varna for Sunpack Sheets?

The need for sunpacks is growing as more people realise their versatility. The most common uses are for decoration, safety, and protection. At Varna, you can get sunpack sheets in a variety of colours and sizes. You can choose the one that meets your needs from among them. In order to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase, we are also giving you high-quality items.

The Varna Group of Companies, distributors and retailers of glassware, plywood, modular kitchens, and interior hardware, offers consumers high-quality items to transform the interiors and exteriors of your space.