Varna's BWR Grade Plywood: The Top Choice for Water-Resistant Furniture

Plywood is a versatile building material that is widely used in various applications, such as furniture, flooring, and paneling. However, the quality of plywood varies greatly depending on its grading system. If you’re looking for a high-quality plywood option, BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) grade plywood is an excellent choice. In this guide, we will explore the basics of BWR grade plywood and its benefits for sellers, wholesalers, dealers, and suppliers.

Varna’s BWR Grade Plywood – the Ultimate Solution for All Your Water-Resistant Needs

Crafted from hardwood veneers that are bonded together with waterproof synthetic resin under high pressure and temperature, BWR plywood is renowned for its durability and longevity. The plywood is then treated to make it resistant to water and moisture. This means that it can be used both inside and outside.


BWR Grade Plywood: Make the Most of Your Project by Using Boiling Water Resistant Material

BWR, which stands for Boiling Water Resistant, stands out for its superior quality and water resistance, making it the perfect choice for moisture-prone applications. Its synthetic resin ensures both outstanding dimensional stability and water resistance—so much so that it can be exposed to boiling water for extended periods without compromising its structural integrity. From kitchen cabinets to bathroom cabinets and outdoor furniture, BWR-grade plywood is the top choice for furniture and fixtures exposed to high moisture.

What is BWR plywood?

BWR grade plywood means that the material meets the standard set by the Indian Standards Institute for boiling water resistance. Its bond strength, water resistance, and resistance to fungal attack are tested rigorously to ensure superior quality. Not just that, it is also easy to work with, lightweight, and can be easily cut, drilled, and glued, making it an ideal choice for construction and woodworking projects. Its resistance to fungal attack and moisture makes it a durable and low-maintenance material.

Whether you need water-resistant material for interior or exterior applications, BWR Grade Plywood is the perfect solution. Experience the durability and premium quality of BWR Plywood for your next project. Choose BWR plywood for your next project and experience the difference that only premium quality can offer.


Upgrade Your Plywood: Choose Varna’s BWR Grade for Lasting Quality

The popularity of BWR grade plywood continues to soar across numerous industries, and for good reason. BWR plywood’s full form is “boiling water-resistant plywood”, that brags excellent water and moisture resistance properties. With a bond strength of 1350 N and a water resistance capacity of 4–8 hours, this plywood is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It also has a thickness swelling of only 0.6%, ensuring high dimensional stability, even with humidity changes.


Varna BWR Grade Plywood Allows You to Easily Transform Your Space

For all your BWR grade plywood needs, Varna is the one-stop solution for the best quality and performance. With competitive BWR grade plywood prices, we are the trusted BWR grade plywood dealers for all your construction and woodworking projects. We offer a wide selection of BWR grade plywood in different sizes and thicknesses, so you can be sure to find the perfect choice for your needs. Get the best value for your money with our BWR grade plywood, and make sure you get the best quality and performance for your project.

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  1.   What makes BWR grade plywood a durable and long-lasting choice?

BWR grade plywood has a bond strength of 1350 N and can withstand exposure to water and moisture without delaminating or warping. This ensures that it lasts for a long time.


  1.   Is BWR grade plywood water-resistant?

Yes, BWR grade plywood is water-resistant and can maintain its structural integrity even when exposed to water. It has a water resistance capacity of 4–8 hours.


  1.   Does BWR grade plywood have high dimensional stability?

Yes, BWR grade plywood has high dimensional stability, meaning that it does not shrink or expand significantly due to changes in temperature or humidity. It has a swelling of 0.6%.


  1.   Is BWR grade plywood resistant to fungal attack?

Yes, BWR grade plywood is resistant to fungal attack, meaning that it does not rot or decay due to exposure to moisture.


  1.   BWR-grade plywood easy to work with?

Yes, BWR grade plywood is effortless to work with. It can be easily cut, drilled, and glued and has a density of 600–800 kg/m3, making it lightweight and easy to handle.