21 Sep, 2023
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Safety and Stylish Laminated Glass Solutions & Applications

Laminated glass is a widely favored component in commercial interior glass projects, highly esteemed for its robustness, endurance, adaptability, and exceptional utility in a multitude of industries and diverse settings. These encompass retail spaces, personal care establishments, corporate offices, conference rooms, fitness centers, restaurants, hotel accommodations, and communal areas.

The key feature of laminated glass, with its interlayers firmly bonding to the outer glass sheets, is its application in situations demanding exceptional safety precautions. In the event of breakage, it produces a network of fissures while retaining the glass’s structural integrity.

Properties of Laminated Glass

  • Laminated glass is resistant to collision and penetration. Even upon collision, it will keep intact the glass fragments together, thus lowering the risk of injuries.
  • Due to the interlayer in between the glass panes, the whole glass assembly cannot be damaged from one side. In case of theft or burglary, if the glass is cut from one side, then the glass on the other side is still intact so, the theft can be prevented to a greater extent
  • It can withstand high stresses due to changes in temperature and pressure.
  • It can resist collision with metals, stones, and even some small explosions, thus it is used as security glass in urban areas.
  • The interlayer also provides sound insulation properties to the glass and thus laminated glass is very common where sound insulation is important, such as in airports, recording studios, etc.
  • Laminated glass blocks most of the UV radiation and thus protects furniture from harmful UV rays.
  • It has high durability and will remain intact during the entire life of the building.
  • Laminated glass has moderate resistance to fire, as compared to normal glass. It will not disintegrate immediately but will take time to get shattered, thus the people can safely evacuate in case of fire emergencies.
  • In case of earthquakes, float glass breaks and shatters while the laminated glass remains in frames and thus provides a safe route outside the building for escape. Laminated glass can even withstand natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados, thus causing less damage and emergencies.

Applications / Uses of Laminated Glasses

  • Due to their sound insulation properties, Laminated glass is used at airport terminals, recording studios, acoustic glazing, hotels, data–processing centers, aircraft, etc.
  • In areas where hurricanes and tornadoes are common, laminated glass is used in glass fronts, windows, doors, or in any exterior applications.
  • It is commonly used as protection in structures like banks, money exchange centers, jewelry shops, showrooms, museums, art galleries, aquariums, etc.
  • Toughened glass is blended with laminated glass to make bulletproof glasses and is used in places that have national and international importance.
  • It is also used as structural glass such as glass railings, glass floors, skylight glazing, roofs, curtain walls, glass facades, etc.
  • Balcony railings are often built using laminated glass owing to their impact-resistance properties and the aesthetic appeal that they render. Moreover, the glass does not hinder the outside view, even for little kids.

Best & Stylish Laminated Glass Solutions

Looking for reliable laminated glass solutions? Look no further than the Varna Group of Companies. As a trusted industry leader in wholesale Glass dealers and suppliers, Varna Group offers different types of laminated glass products that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with elegant design.

Our variants of laminated glass are designed to provide safety to your home or office and to let you live a life of peace without the interference of noise coming from the outside. At Varna Group, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable glass solutions for homes, offices, shops, or any other purposes.

For end-to-end glass solutions that guarantee both structural integrity and aesthetic value, contact us today!

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