27 Jan, 2023
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PVC vs Plywood: Which Is Better for Your Interiors?

Everyone’s life will be more joyful when they actually get to see their dream house come true. But, it is quite ambiguous, especially regarding the interior. However, individuals are always willing to try out new ideas for the interior design of their homes. 

If you select high-quality and long-lasting materials for your interiors, you will surely end up with a comfortable and content home. But when you prefer inexpensive and conventional materials for your interiors, maintenance will be forever in that house. With some preparation and assistance from qualified interior designers, you’ll get creative and ideal interiors.

Although there are numerous interior wood structural panels available, most people are still unsure of the differences between PVC and plywood. The majority of professionals prefer PVC in place of plywood, and this is the wiser choice for a variety of reasons. Here is a brief analysis of the pros and cons of PVC sheets and plywood for your interiors.

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Knowing the Difference between PVC and Plywood (PVC vs Plywood)

The wood structural plans that come to mind while planning a home renovation are plywood and PVC. Before choosing a wood structure, it is important to understand its fundamental features.

  •  PVC

PVC has a wide range of applications depending on how much plasticiser is applied. It is a versatile, cost-effective, and adaptable material with numerous applications in interior design. Additionally, it could be completely translucent or colour-matched to any chosen shade.

  • Plywood

The thin layers of wood veneers are glued together to make plywood. Based on its toughness and usage, plywood is available in a wide range and is a good material for house interiors. The cross-stacking of the adjacent layers of timber sheets gives the stability and strength of plywood. It is tough enough because the veneers are tightly glued together under intense pressure. Because of its flexibility and agility, it is used to make closets, cabinets, and furniture.

plywood types

Comparing PVC and Plywood

DurabilityHighly durableLess durable compared to PVC
FlexibilityHighly flexibleLess flexible compared to PVC
Raw Materials Used Polymerised Vinyl ChlorideWood Veneers
Moisture ResistanceHighly resistant to moistureLess resistant to moisture
ColourColours will be available for the required shade.It is difficult to find a colour that matches.

Benefits of Using PVC Sheets over Plywood for Your Interiors

There are numerous wood structures to take into consideration while planning your home’s interior design. Nowadays, PVC is quickly replacing all other wood structures, including plywood, for so many reasons. If you are eager to know more about it, then read the benefits of PVC over plywood given below:

  1. Wide Range of Applications

PVC sheets can be used in a variety of installations, both indoors and outdoors. Designers will profit from being able to adjust them in accordance with their creative vision because they are flexible and come to long lengths. They are chosen for general construction because of this. There will be UV-resistant colour guards available if you want PVC sheets for building exteriors. This improves the panel’s colour fastness and enables colourful, long-lasting creatives for your building.

Designers won’t get the perfect results they desire since plywood is less flexible than PVC. Even though plywood is used for constructing exteriors, it won’t survive very long due to its poor water resistance and lack of colour guard.

  1. Speedy Installation

PVC panel installations can be completed quickly and easily using basic tools. Designers can easily repair, cut, and instal it in the right position because it comes in long panels. One damaged piece can be easily replaced without making an additional effort.

PVC may be used anywhere from a kitchen to a sizable office space as it is lightweight, robust, and covers a huge surface. One of the key advantages is that it is ready to use. Unlike other materials, there won’t be a dusty installation environment with this material. After installation, the space will be ready for usage; no extra furnishing work is required.

Plywood installation is difficult due to its hardness. Although it comes in long panels, designers find it challenging to prepare it for the desired size. This is a little difficult if you only want to replace one piece. Trimming plywood results in a dusty installation environment, where more furniture is also put to use.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal for Finishing

PVC provides excellent aesthetic appeal to panels with customised colours and patterns. It is available in a wide range of patterns, including wood, prints, woven images, and many more. By laminating the patterned film material, designers can create customised designs and patterns. PVC panels can enhance the visual appeal of your project. Over the years, this material has become one of the most popular choices for decorative exterior walls.

In terms of creating a smooth finish and an appealing design for the panels, plywood has many limitations. It can only be somewhat customised because it is composed of natural wood veneers. Designers will not recommend plywood for building exteriors due to pattern restrictions.

pvc vs plywood
  1. Resistance and Durability

PVC panels have high mechanical strength and durability despite their lightweight, which prevents them from corroding, peeling, or cracking. It can be used for kitchen cabinets and bathroom panels since it has good resistance to moisture. There will be no bacterial or insect attack as a result of the lack of moisture content. PVC can be used for a building’s walls and ceilings because it has fire-resistant properties as well. Due to the above features, PVC will be highly durable.

Plywood has the opposite feature of PVC in considering resistance and durability. Due to its susceptibility to moisture absorption, plywood is less enduring for both the inside and exterior of buildings. Due to the nature of the plywood, excessive heat will cause cracking and peeling. Additionally, plywood is not fireproof, so it is not recommended for offices and kitchen cabinets.

  1. Maintenance Cost

PVC will please everyone looking for the ideal product with the least amount of maintenance. In contrast to other wood structures, PVC panels require little to no maintenance. They are easy to clean because they won’t have any pores or cracks because they are water-resistant. Don’t worry if you spill anything on the PVC panel; just wipe it off and let it dry. You can easily disassemble it after use and recycle the parts for future use. PVC paneling is a budget-friendly wood structure that is easy to instal and ready to use.

Due to its low resistance to heat and moisture, plywood has a high maintenance cost. Plywood panels need extra decorating tasks like painting, pore closing, crack maintenance, and so on. A stain or water spill on plywood will surely absorb; this leads to the slow destruction of the material. Both during installation and after use, it takes a long time.

From all the above considerations, we can say that PVC panels will be best for both building interiors and exteriors. Now is the time to buy high-quality PVC panels for your interiors. Here are the best wholesale dealers for wood structures.

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Where To Get Professional Help to Buy and Install PVC Panels?

This blog mentioned a few benefits of PVC boards over plywood, like their super strength, resistance to moisture and fire, and flexibility for custom design. PVC sheets are the best choice for new buildings or renovations. You can begin to reap the benefits of PVC boards’ durability and affordability by using them.

As a wholesale distributor of hardwares, wood structures, and glass panels, The Varna Group of Companies guarantees premium products with specific colours and patterns that are ideal for your building. 

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