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Glass-ceramics, also known as neoceramic, robax, or pyroceramic glass, are polycrystalline materials that are manufactured under high temperatures of up to 1470 degrees. The glass, as the term “ceramic glass” itself implies, has properties of both glass and ceramics, making it highly durable and capable of withstanding any hard conditions. The glass is manufactured by various processes and hence can be customised easily while at the same time achieving uniformity.

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What is Ceramic Glass Used for?

Unlike laminated glass, tempered glass, and others for home renovation purposes, ceramic glass is used in high-end fields such as the construction of buildings that require increased security, in making optical instruments, in the field of medicine, kitchenwares, and others. 


For construction purpose

Owing to the durability and longevity of ceramic glass, it is used in the construction of buildings such as banks, offices, and others that require increased security. Features of ceramic glass include fire resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, and abrasion resistance, making ceramic glass your perfect choice. Check out our inventory and purchase ceramic glasses at the best prices in Kerala.


Military requirement

Ceramic glasses are now used for military purposes, such as in the manufacture of aircraft, missiles, etc. The glass made from a combination of ceramics and glass offers challenging features that can withstand critical conditions. Thus, ceramic glass is a great addition to the military field. It is employed in the windscreens and windows of aircraft and military vehicles as it can provide safety and clear-cut vision at the same time.


Medical application

Ceramic glass is heat-treated, and therefore, it is durable and capable of resisting thermal shocks. It is used in the manufacture of dental crowns, dental prosthetics, joint replacements, bone screws, etc. Moreover, ceramic glass is used as laboratory equipment, such as beakers and glassware. The versatile features of glass make it a perfect solution for biological purposes as well as laboratory experiments.


In the field of electronics

Ceramic glass is used as electrical components for transistors and capacitors owing to its excellent thermal and electrical properties. The glass is also capable of a certain range of voltages, so it can be used as an insulating material. Additional applications of ceramic glasses include the making of display panels for smartphones, TVs, etc.


Making kitchenwares

The primary advantage of using ceramic products in daily life is that they contain zero chemical additives, which in turn ensures your health. The ability of glass to withstand higher temperatures allows you to cook your favourites in style without causing cracks on your beautiful cookware. Thus, ceramic glass is employed in the manufacture of ovenware, bakeware, cookware, etc. Ceramic glass cookware is easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, it is a popular choice for family and professional chefs.


Optical application

Ceramic glasses are used to make high-quality lenses and laser components such as laser mirrors, laser windows, etc. The purity of ceramic glass allows low-loss transmission of light and is subsequently used as a primary component of optical fibers. 

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