A Proof of Our Excellence!

Here we have a bundle of tales that show our expertise, credibility, durable products, and top-notch services.

Varna has impressed me time and time again over the course of my residential project. Being a retailer, I thought that Varna would just stop at just selling me the products that I need but their team was not only helpful but amazing because they helped me every step of the way. Starting from finding the right skilled personnel to impeccable after-sales service.

Mr. Ouseppachan

Music Director

Varna has a fantastic team who believes in precision detailing. This is also reflected in their glass plant and the contract jobs they carry out

Ar. Jack Chandy


One thing on our mind has always been competitive pricing. We can tell you right away that no one can beat Varna at their pricing. That being said they ensure the quality of the products and provide a great service. To top it all, they have all the brands, which makes it easy for us to choose from because our clients, projects and budgets vary.

Mr. Nithin

Mulberry Homes

We need to ensure that the work is done on time and that the material used is perfect for the project. The precision and project delivery at which Varna operates has always helped us to complete all our projects ahead of schedule. Coordination by the team is done most professionally and in all the years that we worked together they have always supported us to the best extent.

Mr. Ajeesh Arakkal S

Orange motif decor designers