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Multiwoods are formed of UPVC polyester resin and come in the form of extruded polymer profiles. It features a glossy texture and a pure white surface finish. Being completely waterproof and non-corrosive, multi-wood is the ideal solution in damp environments. When compared to other forms of wood, multi-woods are durable and climate-resistant.

Planning to renovate your home? If so, multi-wood is a great alternative you can think of while remodelling your house. The 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly multi-woods can be shaped and sized to meet your needs. Multiwood is frequently chosen over MDF, plywood, and other materials for its durability and lifetime warranty.

Are you troubled by questions such as “ Who are the best multi-wood dealers?” “ The top multi wood wholesalers in Kerala”?  If so, the Varna group of companies has got it covered for you. Buy premium quality multi woods from the leading retailers’ Varna at competitive prices.

Different Types of Waterproof MultiWoods

Varna Group of Companies, the top retailer of plywood, multi-woods, glass, and other materials, has a broad selection of multi-woods to meet your needs. Among our extensive collection of various types of multi-woods are the following: 


  • Multi-wood regular

Those who are looking for  a better alternative to wood can make use of this type of multi-wood. Multi-wood regulars are an excellent substitute for wood that can be used for both interior and exterior requirements. As a result, customers choose to buy multi-wood regular from multi-wood dealers. As a result, the most popular multi-wood, multi-wood regular, is the best alternative to wood for exterior and interior design. 


  • Multi-wood wood plus

This type of multi-wood is also known as wood PVC sheet. Multi-wood wood plus is similar to wood, and what makes this type of multi-wood an ideal option is its capability of retaining all the properties of wood as well as multi-wood. Multi-wood wood plus is both waterproof and termite-resistant.


  • Multi-wood matt finishes

Are you looking for a multi-wood with a matt finish? If that’s the case, Varna has some exclusive deals on matt finish multi-woods. This type of multi-wood has a dull or matte finish, which is different from multi-woods that have a glossy finish.


  • Multi-wood eco board premium

Looking for a multi-wood that is both high quality and reasonably priced? When it comes to cost-effective multi-wood choices, multi-wood eco board premium is the clear winner. This type of multi-wood features a glossy finish and is available in a variety of colours, including ivory, blue, black, grey, red, orange, and yellow.


  • Multi-wood eco board

This variety of multi-wood resembles the multi-wood eco board premium. Both sorts of multi-woods are produced with the purpose of making them more economically feasible for home builders. The only distinction between the two kinds of multi-wood is in their quality. Multi-wood eco board is often thought to be slightly inferior to standard multi-wood grade. 


  • Greenwood

The greenwood multi-wood and the multi-wood matt finishes are very similar to one another. The main distinction between the two kinds of multi-wood is that greenwood is less expensive than matt finished.

Why Buy Multiwood for Modern Homes?

The first and most immediate advantage of multi-wood is the overall aesthetic it may bring to your space. Other benefits of incorporating multi-wood into your design include:


  1. The versatile feature of multi-wood allows you to cut it into shapes and sizes that meet your needs. Multi-wood can be carved, screwed, drilled, and painted, allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes.
  2. Multi-wood, which is 100% water-proof and termite-resistant, may be used for both interior and exterior designs of your space. It is, therefore, also suitable for usage in damp conditions as well.
  3. As previously indicated, multi-wood is waterproof and can thus be readily cleaned.
  4. Multi-woods are recyclable and eco-friendly, making them a perfect option for new home construction.

Purchase Multi-Wood from the Top Multi-Wood Dealers in Kerala

For the reasons stated above, as well as the benefits of multi-wood, it becomes the best substitute for wood. The fact that it is waterproof and resistant to termites makes it a great choice for modern homes and homes that are being renovated. Why settle for Varna? Our vast selection of interior hardware, glass, plywood, and modular kitchens, all of which can be shipped throughout Kerala, distinguishes us from other multi-wood dealers.