MR Plywood Dealers in Kerala

Purchase Superior Quality MR Grade Plywood in Kerala


Moisture Resistant Plywood in short MR Grade Plywood is an important component of different types of furniture. One of the most often used plywood is well suited for interiors; hence, MR-grade plywoods are also interior graded furniture. As a result, it has become an important material in the construction of homes and offices. MR-grade plywood is also referred to as “commercial plywood” due to its widespread use and role as a fundamental part of all forms of furniture.

Features of MR Grade Plywood

  1. Since MR-grade plywood is interior-graded, you can use it to manufacture file cabinets, doors, kitchen roofs, and others for use in homes, offices, and other spaces.
  2. Moisture-resistant plywood, or MR-grade plywood, as the name implies, cannot withstand water for a very long time. Unlike other plywood grades, MR-grade plywood is not water-resistant.
  3. MR-grade plywood is much preferred by home builders for its durability and strength. This is because MR-grade plywood is composed of premium-quality hardwood timber, making it the best choice when it comes to residential or commercial purposes.
  4. Melamine urea formaldehyde resin is used as an adhesive to join various veneer layers. The veneer layers are held together by the adhesive, which also prevents any small openings from allowing moisture to penetrate the plywood. As a result, plywood is protected from any sort of damage. 
  5. MR-grade plywoods have excellent internal strength due to their hardwood timber composition and the premium quality adhesive used to bind the veneer layer. This in turn makes MR-grade plywood the best among other plywood available.
  6. MR-grade plywoods are safe from warping effects and therefore ensure the longevity and durability of the products.
  7. Based on quality, MR plywood now comes in different types, including high-quality MR plywood and low-quality MR plywood.

BWR Plywood and MR Plywood Dealers in Kerala

MR plywood, or moisture-resistant plywood, also known as commercial plywood, is used for interior design purposes. Therefore, home builders can use this type of plywood to make cabinets, shelves, furniture, etc. BWR plywood, or boiling water-resistant plywood, is premium plywood that is water resistant and therefore able to withstand water spills on it. This makes the plywood suitable for areas with more moisture.

What makes these two plywoods different is the adhesive used to bind the layers of veneer. MR plywood is glued together by urea-formaldehyde resin and BWR plywood by phenol-formaldehyde resin. To ensure the quality of the plywood, look for BWR and MR plywood with the ISI 303 logo on top.


Why Should You Buy Plywood from the Leading Plywood Dealers?

Plywoods are popular nowadays because of their versatility, which allows you to cut them into various shapes and sizes based on your demands. They are layers of veneer held together with adhesive, preventing any moisture from entering. This, in turn, gives internal strength while avoiding warping consequences. The fact that plywood is less expensive than wood makes it an excellent replacement.

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