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Laminates are among the most sought-after material for surface finishing to decorate your home. Floors, furniture and walls are among the places in which laminates are most commonly utilised. The super-finishing material is able to alter the appearance of a structure.

Laminates are synthetic material created using the pressing of thin sheets of sheets of paper and resins. One of the most renowned producers of laminates, Greenlam is India’s top. 1 surfacing solutions brand.

Varna Group of Companies is the leading distributor of high-end glass and plywood, as well as
modular kitchen appliances across Kerala. The laminates that you can purchase from Varna are
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The Features of Greenlam Products

The motivation behind Greenlam as well as its product line is of course, the superior quality and
they provide each and every product they offer. Greenlam has focused on creating high-quality
products and an unending desire to innovate. Greenlam strives to create products that do not
harm nature, thus protecting the biodiversity of the natural world.

Greenlam products stand out for the following features:



Greenlam laminates are made of specific anti-bacterial resins which inhibit the development of bacteria. This makes them ideal to be used in areas where cleanliness is a must including labs,hospitals as well as kitchens.


Abrasion Resistant

The abrasion resistance features ensures that the laminate can stand up to the rigours of wear and tear which makes it a great option for areas with high traffic. This makes them a great option for both residential and commercial applications.



In areas that have an excessive amount of humidity and a higher possibility of mould and mildew development, the anti-fungal function is vital. This feature can also help minimise the chance of odours, staining and discoloration. This ensures that the laminate stays in good
condition over a long amount of time.


Heat Resistant

Greenlam laminates are produced using high-quality raw materials, and the manufacturing
process assures that their surfaces are heat-resistant. They’re also ideal for areas that generate
lots of heat, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Impact Resistant

The impact-resistant characteristic of Greenlam laminates aids in increasing its durability. They
offer superior protection from wear and tear, making the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor applications.


Scratch Resistant

The laminates are special Melamine-based resins, which makes them very scratch-resistant. They come in a range of finishes and styles making it possible to choose one that is compatible with your tastes and style.

Different Kinds of Laminates That You Can Avail

Laminates are a great method of adding the look and texture of any surface. There are many
options for laminates available. Here are a few of the most popular kinds of laminates for sale:


High-Pressure Laminate (HPL): 

This kind of laminate is composed of several layers of resin and paper that are joined under
intense pressure and heat. It is the longest-lasting kind of laminate and is commonly employed
in commercial settings.


Decorative Laminate: 

The laminates are intended to look attractive and attractive, usually featuring a woodgrain or
stone pattern. In addition to homes It is also utilised for commercial use.

Melamine Laminate:

Melamine resin-based laminates are typically used to make a waterproof and durable surface. It
is used for kitchens and bathrooms due to its ability to take on water and heat.


Textured Laminate: 

The laminates are designed to have a textured surface that can make the look of a room more intriguing. It is commonly used in commercial, restaurant locations, as well as in homes.


Wood Laminate: 

This kind of laminate is constructed with wood veneer that is designed so as to resemble real wood. It is commonly used for residential purposes like countertop countertops in kitchens and


Metal Laminate:

 This type of laminate is made with a metal veneer, which is ideal for creating a modern and industrial look. It is often used in commercial settings, such as retail stores and restaurants.

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Decorating with laminates adds a unique touch of refinement to your decor. By adding fine, high-quality laminates, you can change the way the building looks as a whole. Greenlam Laminates is the largest company in Asia that sells wood laminate sheets. Their laminates are of the highest quality and are water resistant. Buy the laminates from Varna to get the best laminates for your building.

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