Purchase Block Boards at the Best Prices in Kerala

Block board is an engineered wood product composed of several thin layers of wood that are stacked and glued together. The layers are generally made of wood veneer strips, creating a strong, durable composite board. Blockboard is often used in manufacturing furniture, door and window frames, and other construction projects.

Varna Group of Companies has a vast assortment of block boards that best fit your requirements. Because of the materials and processes used in their production, block boards have become an excellent substitute for natural wood.

What are Block Boards Used for?

There are different types of man-made wood, and they include plywood, hardboard, MDF, rub wood, etc. And what makes block boards stand out is how they can be used for both interior and exterior furniture. Block boards are made from premium-quality wood, such as timber, under high pressure. Thus, ensuring the final finish and durability of the same.

Need help with where to use blockboards? Blockboards are used in the making of:

  1. Door frames
  2. Window
  3. Tables
  4. Benches, bookshelves, sofas, etc.
  5. Interior and exterior decoration
  6. Partition walls
  7. Wall panels
  8. Bus bodies
  9. Diwan with single and double cots
  10. Railroad woodwork

Why buy block boards? It can also be used as a substrate for veneers, laminates, and other decorative finishes. In short, it can be employed anywhere that requires strength and stability. Varna Group of Companies provides block boards at reasonable prices.

Types of Block Boards

Block boards based on the procedure of manufacturing and material used are classified into two categories, such as:


  1. Depending on the quality of the blockboard:
  • Interior-grade block board:

The core of the interior-grade blockboard is made of softwood strips that are glued together with a waterproof adhesive. This creates a solid and stable core that is less likely to warp or shrink over time. Interior-grade blockboard is, therefore, often used in the construction of furniture, cabinetry, and shelving. It is also used to make interior doors, wall panels, and more.


  • Exterior-grade block board:

An exterior-grade blockboard is a type of plywood made from layers of wood veneers bonded together with waterproof glue. It is usually made with hardwood veneers, such as oak or birch, and is designed for exterior applications such as siding and external wall cladding. It is more durable than regular plywood and can withstand moisture and temperature changes.


  1. Depending on the type of wood used:
  • Softwood block board:

Softwood blockboards are manufactured by pressing hardwood veneers with strips of softwood in between. Owing to its quality, durability, and flexibility to decorate, it is best employed for interiors.


  • Hardwood block board:

Hardwood block board, as its name suggests, is hard, dense, and therefore expensive. This type of block board is known for its durability and is therefore suitable for exterior purposes.

How to Choose the Right Block Board?

When choosing a block board for your home, office, or any building, there are certain criteria to be considered. These criteria include:

Type of block board: Different types of block boards, such as softwood block boards, hardwood block boards, and interior and exterior-grade block boards, are easily available online. Look for the type of blockboard and purchase it from the best blockboard suppliers in Kerala.

Size: Block boards in various sizes and thicknesses are easily available online. Varna has everything you need, whether it’s a 12″x12″ board or a 4″x8″ board.

The surface of block boards: Block boards with smooth and textured finishes are readily available at Varna, the top wholesaler and retailer group in Kerala.

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