Glass Pillars

At Varna Group, we understand that our products are the backbone of your business. With this in mind, we offer you a wide range of long-lasting and durable glass pillars.

Glass for every use

We offer a wide range of glass pillars to suit your every need — from transparent to frosted and from square to round. Helping you get the desired look for your establishment through our various products.

Flexible supply

We ensure you not only have the best quality of pillars at the most affordable rates but also provide them in bulk quantities as per your requirement. Be it for your new business establishment or want to renovate your old one, we cater to all such requirements with ease.

Easily accessible

You can easily find our website through a simple Google search or by stopping by at one of our stores near you!

The benefits:

Cost-effective: Glass pillars can cost less than marble or metal because they cost less to produce, they are lightweight and they can be prefabricated off site.

Low maintenance: A glass pillar lasts much longer than marble or metal because these materials don’t require regular polishings or regular repainting