Yale Digital Door Locks

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Yale Digital Door Locks


How about a smart door lock system you can unlock at your convenience, any time from anywhere? A keyless digital door lock uses digital technology that lets you gain control over the door locking, with keyless technology. Yale digital door locks offer a wide range of options like key card, PIN Code, key tag, smartphone, and remote control, which you can experience while connecting it to the complete smart home system. 


With keyless convenience that helps you get access to the doors, Yale door locks use the latest technology such as fingerprint, keypad, and smart card to invoke high-end security. Varna Group is a trusted dealer of Yale digital door locks, with door-opening solutions for valued customers to add convenience to their lifestyle. We emphasize the distribution of the highly coveted smart lock systems with unparalleled security that Yale assures. Redefine comfort with the digital locking range, adding a layer of security.

Significance of Digital door locking system

Digital smart locks have been the most relevant systems for keyless entry in this digitally evolving world. From remotely managing keyless connectivity to integration with home automation systems, digital door locks act as the comfiest and most secure devices for your use. 

Automatic  Lock

Apart from knowing who moves in and out of the building, the door locks also scale door security with custom actions and an auto lock system. The system can be set to auto-lock after a set time and need not worry about locking doors day and night manually. 

Remote access and security 

You can pair the locks with a camera system to add a layer of protection to homes or buildings. Live footage and smart locks together give an added layer of security with features to monitor what happens in your absence. 

Visitor notifications

Smart lock systems send you notifications and alerts about the visitor or front door activities which you can monitor when you are away. You also receive reminders to lock doors once you leave home or whenever someone tries to access the system through the keypad. 

Control the access even when you’re away

People fall in love with these locks because you can control the front door even while you are away. With the Wifi connection, you can lock/unlock the door while you’re at the place or at a distance. This lets you open the door for your loved ones, or re-check whether you have closed the door even from bed.

Keyless entry

You need not worry about taking keys with you or forgetting to carry the keys. With digital door locks, you no longer need a physical key. A mobile app, and you get to access the door, that’s it! Electronic keypad-enabled door locks are also available with distinct access codes for better security. 

Various Digital door locks you can buy

Access App Smart Lock

Access app smart locks are cleverly designed with biosecure-coated lever handles, which inhibit the growth of infections and bacteria. Ranging from fingerprint access, PIN code personalization, and RFID tags, you can access all the door access control techniques with a single mobile application. Get secure solutions along with the best hygiene solutions for a healthy and protected life. 

Fingerprint Digital Door lock

The system enables fingerprint technology to gain access to the digital door lock. Along with the fingerprint and pin code security access, you can also use card keys and mechanical keys to open the doors. The fingerprint verification, alarm, 3-minute lockout feature, human voice control system, safe unlock with silent mode, and smart touchpad are the main features of the system. 

Push & Pull  Digital Door Lock

Get the keyless door lock system that connects to the existing door. Operated using RFID, a touch keypad, a key tag, or a mechanical key, you can enable the one-step opening technique of the handle with the push-pull process. 

RFID card digital door locks

RFID locks let you unlock/lock the door with RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology. It uses electromagnetic fields to facilitate communication between users and the device. 

Touch screen PIN door locks

One of the most reliable lock systems ever, is the PIN system, since they are hard to guess compared to conventional locks. Use touchscreen PIN-enabled locks to ensure you experience the finest security features. 

Digital Rim locks

Enjoy the new range of smart rim lock and night latch door lock solutions, which you can use for internal, external, metal, wooden, and even glass doors. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, they offer ultimate protection.

Let Varna ensure your security with Digital Door locks

Digital door locks have become highly popular due to the convenience of using them and the keyless connectivity they offer to users. No more lost keys or spare keys are needed; and no need to carry along keys every time. Being one of the leading manufacturers of digital locks, Yale smart locks offer convenience with innovation to unlock your door. Choose your smart lock and find different ways to unlock the door with a fire-rated security and warranty.

At Varna, you can get all the desired Yale smart door locks that give you the promise of unmatched security. You can also pair the door locks with alarms to keep an eye on the fire, burglary, etc. Varna makes sure that we deliver quality door lock systems that promise a secure and safe future.