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Which Plywood Should I Select for Furniture?

Which Plywood Should I Select for Furniture: Choosing suitable plywood for furniture can be challenging due to its strength, functionality and appearance requirements. We can assist in making an informed choice between MDF and plywood by explaining their differences as well as giving expert advice about which is the most suitable option for you and your furniture needs.

Understand Plywood Furniture

Furniture made with this affordable material can be made quickly. This technique involves adhering thin veneers together in perpendicular layers for enhanced stability, strength and reduced shrinkage.

Plywood furniture offers many advantages

1. Plywood furniture offers numerous advantages over solid wood or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), including strength, durability and lightweightness. 

2. Lighter than solid wood for easier transporting. 

3. Less expensive in both terms of price and aesthetic value than its solid counterpart while still having similar qualities.

 4. Versatility is another strong point as various grades and types exist to accommodate cabinets, chairs or even tables! 

5. Eco-beneficial: By being produced using wood veneer from trees that grow faster it reduces impactful emissions over time.

6. Environmental Benefits: Plywood makes its presence felt. Which plywood material is most suited to furniture projects? In order to select an optimal plywood material for furniture use, it is crucial that one becomes acquainted with its various forms.

Moisture Resistant Plywood (MR Grade Plywood)

Commercial plywood or moisture resistant grade plywood is commonly known as moisture resistant grade plywood and makes an excellent material choice for indoor furniture like beds, storage spaces and cabinets. While not entirely waterproof, its resistance to moisture varies over time.

2. BWR Grade Plywood (Boiling Water Resistant): This grade was designed for humid environments like kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture, offering greater resistance against wear than its MR equivalent.

3. Marine Grade Plywood: Marine grade plywood is well suited to use in marine applications as well as areas with high moisture due to its superior water resistance.

4. Hardwood Plywood: Constructed using hardwood species such as teak and birch woods, hardwood plywood offers long-term durability suitable for premium furniture projects.

Furniture Items and Their Alternative Solutions (FATs)

Living Room Furniture: When selecting items such as coffee tables and TV units for living rooms, MR grade plywood offers sufficient moisture resistance at an economical cost. When applied to kitchen cabinet applications, BWR grade plywood provides greater water resistance. Outdoor Furniture: Marine grade plywood boasts excellent water-resistance properties while premium furniture utilizes hardwood plywood’s strength and aesthetic beauty as an excellent material choice.

Difference Between MDF and Plywood

Recognizing the differences between MDF and plywood will enable you to select the optimal material for your furniture project.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, is one type of engineered wood product. To produce it, softwood and hardwood remnants are broken down into fibers before being mixed with resin and wax before heating and compressing to produce MDF boards.

Pros of MDF include its smooth surface and uniform surface, making it suitable for painting or veneering. Furthermore, there are no knots, grain or voids present and cost is typically less expensive than plywood.

Cons of MDF: Strength and Durability: MDF is not as strong or durable as plywood, while Moisture Resistance can be susceptible to water damage making it less suitable in environments with high moisture. Weight: It may make handling more challenging.

Plywood As previously discussed, plywood is produced by layering wood veneers together. Here’s an overview of its benefits and drawbacks as compared with MDF:

Pros of Plywood: Strength and Durability are superior to that of MDF, while water resistance in higher grades makes handling much simpler. Weight: Being lighter makes handling much simpler.

Plywood can often be more costly than MDF and its surface may contain imperfections that require further preparation to achieve an even finish.

Popular Plywood Brands in Kerala

Kerala, known for its high humidity levels, requires reliable plywood brands that can withstand local climate. Some popular options that can meet this criteria are:

 1. Greenply provides a selection of moisture-resistant varieties suitable for Kerala’s climate.

2. CenturyPly stands out for its quality and variety of plywood grades such as BWR and Marine grade plywood.

3. Best Wood  stands out as a reliable provider of durable and top-quality products.


Selecting the proper plywood for your furniture is vital in maintaining its durability and appearance. Once you understand all of its types and uses, making an intelligent selection will become much simpler. When making this choice, keep several factors in mind, such as its purpose, location, budget constraints etc. to select an optimal material.

If you live in Kerala – particularly Thrissur and its districts – selecting plywood suitable for its climate can make a world of difference to its longevity and condition. Reliable choices are CenturyPly, Greenply and Kitply brands; by considering these factors and following proper maintenance tips you can extend its serviceability well into the future.

So when you ask yourself “Which plywood is best for furniture?”, you’ll know exactly which option best meets your needs.

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