06 Mar, 2024
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Varna Group: Where Glass, Plywood, and Dreams Align

Elevate Your Projects with Varna Group: Your Premier Destination for Quality Glass, Plywood, and Interior Hardware

Varna Group, one of the best hardware companies in India, is a retail brilliance. Essentially being a hardwood and plywood shop, Varna Group will surpass your expectations and offer you exactly what you need. It changes the retail environment for glass, plywood, and interior hardware. Their unwavering spirit and unrelenting dedication to providing their clients the best is what makes them stand out.

Rather than a name, Varna is the epitome of innovation and success. It is considered the most reliable and premium source in the wholesale markets of glass, plywood, and interior hardware retail. Made to make premium products much more accessible to everyone around, the trading company has grown to many heights. With all this in mind, Varna has emerged as one of the leading hardware companies in the country, offering a wide range of products that cater to both residential and commercial needs.

Ranging from glass and interior hardware to modular kitchens, Varna has it all. With a team of amazing professionals, Varna is here to ensure that every product like mirrors, accessories, and much more is of the top quality of them all. This is very much what makes Varna a trusted name in the market.

Our Aim

Varna has its eyes on being the best of the best. To give amazing products for the customers with assured quality, to make their shopping experience a memorable one. Additionally, Varna aims to be the go-to stop for premium products. The name should pop up every time someone thinks of a home decor brand in India or a hardware and plywood shop. It should be a household name with all. If the customer seeks premium quality products, Varna must be thought of.

The company’s goal is to design spaces that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and of high quality. By continuously providing goods that both meet and surpass client expectations, Varna hopes to play a significant role in the accomplishment of both large- and small-scale projects.

What We Offer

Varna Group proudly presents an extensive collection of top-notch products from distinguished company. Varna has everything you need, whether you’re looking for interior hardware for the ideal finishing touch, plywood for structural integrity, or premium glass for architectural brilliance.

Meet Our Exclusive Network of Trusted and Authorised Dealers

Saint Gobain
  • Saint Gobain – This is a cooperation, which initially started off as a mirror manufacturer but later on, led to much bigger things. Varna group delivers premium products from Saint Gobain to maximise client satisfaction.
  • Hettich – One of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings, based on Germany. Varna group delivers prime kitchen hardware and more from Hettich all around.
  • Häfele –   The leading international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware, with customers in more than 150 countries.  We deliver high-quality furniture and fittings for our valued clientele.
  • Yale – We’re providing a perfect security solution for the doors with Yale digital door locks.

  •  Trojan – Being one of the leading plywood manufacturers, Varna makes it possible for the clientele to access to waterproof plywood.
Century Ply
  • Century Ply – Century Ply is one of the finest manufacturers and suppliers, in India, of plywood sheets, laminate sheets, flush doors, fibre board & veneer sheets.
  • Bosch – Through Bosch, We provide high tier appliances to the Clientele, to make their day to day life easier.
  • Siemens – A German multinational technology company, Siemens provides exclusive appliances for them all.
  • Faber – Varna offers a wide range of Chimneys for Kitchen, Cooktops, Wine Coolers, Dishwashers and much more with Faber.
  • Dorma – Dorma offers excellent door – stopper solutions for both residential use and commercial uses.
  • Ebco – A company that’s leading in furniture fittings and accessories, Varna offes, through Ebco, premium kitchen hardware accessories
  • Greenlam laminates – Varna group is authorised with Asia’s largest wood laminate sheets supplier company, giving the customers the perfect solution for lamination.
  •  Merino laminates – Merino laminates provides and manufactures laminates, HPL, panels, wall cladding, and other surface solutions products. Being water resistant, Varna Provides customers with the ultimate lamination solution.
  • Decowood – Varna group, along with Decowood, offers grade wooden veneers & veneer laminates.
  • Fevicol – The most common and renowned brand, Fevicol comes together with Varna groups. Fevicol offers the best adhesive there can be.

  • Action Tesa – Varn group, with Action TESA provides best quality HDHMR, BOILO, MDF & Particle Board.
  • Godrej –  Varna gives you multiple solutions for the customary satisfaction with Godrej in terms of many products. Discover Unmatched ease and confidence with an extensive selection of products.
  •  Mikasa – One of the leading plywood manufacturers, Mikasa, comes along with Varna group to deliver premium quality products to attain maximum customer delight.
  • Carysil – Get amazing, environmentally friendly sinks for personal and commercial uses. From granite sinks to stainless steel sinks, Verna makes sure you achieve perfection.

  • Franke – With high end, innovative solutions, Franke offers new technology sinks for all.
multi wood
  • Thomsun Multiwood – Varna group offers Thompsun Multiwood, the most economical PVC sheet. This comes up as one of the best options for the same, ensuring of satisfaction.
best wood
  • Best Wood – Best wood PVC forms offer the ultimate solutions to the customers. Used in sheets, wallpapers and such, Varna offers the best wood as a perfect solution.
  • Green Ply – Varna groups offers Greenply as an extremely versatile product. Bring superior quality plywood, it’s used for a wide range of applications, spanning from wardrobes and tables to shelves and cabins.
new mika
  • New Mika – A supplier for Decorative laminate sheets, it offers a variety of wood laminate sheets. This one embodies youth and is perfect for the house.
  • Ozone – Ozone plywood is one the finest plywoods around, offering water resistance and much more. Varna group offers Ozone plywood for the maximum satisfaction.
  • Reginox – Reginox stands for high quality and innovative sinks and worktops.


As leading Glass product dealers in Kerala, Varna Group of Companies is a shining example of quality and reliability for the plywood, interior hardware, and glass industries. Within the industries, Varna Group of Companies is a bright example of excellence and consistency. Dealing with several toughed glass dealers in and around, Varna group is one with a skilled expertise all around. Varna group, one of the best wholesale hardware distributors in the area, is the best of the best. Elevate your projects with materials that exude quality; select Varna, where every purchase moves you closer to a sophisticated, long-lasting place.

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