28 Mar, 2024
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How Is Toughened Glass Made: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you curious to learn how tempered and toughened glass are produced? Or considering using 12mm toughened glass in your project? In this blog post we will go through each step involved in producing toughened glass production, including its characteristics and strengths that help differentiate it from tempered or toughened versions of it.

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Understanding Toughened Glass

Manufacturers heat or chemically treat toughened glass to increase its strength above regular glass. Because of its shape, when it cracks, it breaks into little, blunt pieces, minimising the possibility of damage.

The Manufacturing Process

The process of making toughened glass involves several steps. First, workers cut the glass to the correct dimensions. Subsequently, the glass is subjected to a tempering process, which entails raising its temperature to a high point and rapidly bringing it down with cold air blasts. Strengthened glass is a result of internal stresses created during this process.

Identifying Toughened Glass

Finding toughened glass can be tough because it looks like regular glass. However, during the tempering process, small surface distortions occur, which can be used to identify toughened glass. Also, toughened glass is way stronger than regular glass and is less likely to break when something hits it.

The Difference Between Tempered Glass and Toughened Glass

However, the tempering process causes small surface distortions, which can help identify toughened glass. Tempered glass goes through similar steps like toughened glass, but it cools down more slowly, so it’s not as strong. Toughened glass is usually the top choice when you need something really strong for a job.

Strength of 12mm Toughened Glass

Many people use toughened glass panels that are 12 mm thick for shower screens, balustrades, and commercial buildings because of their strength, which increases safety and security.


Basically, toughened glass is safer and stronger than ordinary glass. Knowing its qualities and how it’s made, as well as understanding the differences between hardened and tempered glass, makes picking glass for projects easier. When you think about strength and how long it lasts, 12mm toughened glass stands out as a fantastic choice for lots of different uses.

Thank you for joining us in exploring toughened glass! Any questions? Contact us anytime!

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